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Wedding in Janda Baik - Edward and Ying Bing

We absolutely love garden wedding here in Janda Baik. For our loving couple, Edward and Ying Bing, you can guess why this was the perfect location for their intimate wedding. A garden wedding surrounded by nature and lush greenery is the perfect backdrop for this important day..

Located just a stone throwaway from Kuala Lumpur, Janda Baik has long become an escape from the city not only because of its close proximity and easy access, but also because of its cool weather. Covering a wedding reception in this cozy, chilly garden, still gives us that shiver every time we're here.

Chief Photographer : Covan Loh, Armadale Weddings

Wedding Cinematography by Armadale Team

Wedding Decoration : I Heart Party


Wedding in Janda Baik
wedding in Janda baik

Garden wedding in Janda baik


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