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Wedding in Lexis Hibiscus | Celebrating Ben & Vian

“I have seen the good and bad in you, and I will try my hardest to always love them both. When there are days I don’t feel loved like I should, I will stay. I will stay. I will stay.”

Ben and Vian’s beach wedding in the Grand Lexis Hibiscus is a celebration that touches the hearts of many. The words recited in their wedding vows uncaged from their dearest hearts, filled the atmosphere by the beach; each confession infused the air, slowly yet strongly. The beaming couple couldn’t be more blessed to seal their union in the presence of their dearest and nearest, especially Vian’s beloveds who have travelled from their homeland in the Philippines.

Despite the downpour after march-in and hassles to shift the ceremony indoor, the guests and couple still carry their smiles and enjoy every moment of togetherness. Their sincere and tender loving nature has demonstrated the very essence of love: faith, hope and courage as Vian said in her vow, “I am courageously still choosing to marry you because I now know that even before I became aware of it, God has already perfectly orchestrated and planned our lives and our love story”.

May their years ahead be filled with lasting joy as they build their lives together as husband and wife. Best wishes from Armadale!


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