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Wedding in Rama V Thai | Celebrating Sheryl & Jeffrey

"Uniting love and tradition, creating memories to last a lifetime."

Love and tradition came together on October 20, 2022, as Sheryl and Jeffrey celebrated their special day with a traditional Chinese wedding ceremony. The couple began the day with a heartfelt exchange of vows, surrounded by their family and loved ones.

During the Chinese ceremony, the couple followed many traditional rules, including the "Three Letters and Six Etiquettes." These rules outline the various steps of the wedding ceremony, including the proposal, betrothal gifts, the bridal chamber, and the wedding ceremony itself. The couple's commitment to following these traditional rules is a testament to their respect for Chinese culture and their desire to honor their heritage.

Sheryl and Jeffrey's interaction throughout the day was lovely and sweet, showing their deep love and admiration for each other. Their family bonds were also evident, with both sides coming together to celebrate the couple's union and share in their joy.

The couple's wedding dinner at Rama V was a beautiful and intimate event, with the groom preparing a special sing and dance show for his bride. The joy and happiness on her face was a beautiful reminder of the love that brought them together.

The couple chose us to capture their special moments, including a pre-wedding shoot, Chinese wedding ceremony, and a dinner reception. We were honored to be a part of each event and used our photography expertise to create timeless memories that the couple will cherish forever. We wish them all the happiness in the world as they embark on their journey together as husband and wife. Cheers to the newlyweds!

Photography: Armadale Production

Cinematography: Armadale Production

Wedding Gown: Armadale Gowns

Venue: Rama V, EnThaicingly Thai


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