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Wedding in Setia City Convention Centre | Celebrating Lester & Tracy

Love, happiness, and pure joy radiated from every moment of Lester and Tracy's wedding day on June 12, 2022. From their interactions filled with smiles and laughter to their genuine emotions, the entire wedding process was a testament to their love and the joy they shared. It was a day that left an everlasting impression on all who were fortunate enough to be a part of their celebration.

One of the delightful highlights of their wedding day was the heartwarming welcome board that greeted guests, proudly stating, "Welcome to my parents' wedding" with an adorable touch – the inclusion of their beloved dogs. Lester and Tracy's furry friends played a special role in their lives and added an extra dose of love and happiness to the day.

Lester and Tracy's wedding day was a magical celebration of love, joy, and togetherness. Their interactions, smiles, and genuine emotions created an atmosphere of pure happiness. From the heartwarming welcome board featuring their adorable dogs to the unforgettable moments shared with loved ones, their wedding day will forever hold a special place in their hearts and in the cherished portfolio that captures their beautiful love story.

Photography: Armadale Production

Cinematography: Armadale Production

Wedding Gown: Armadale Gowns

Venue: Setia City Convention Centre


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