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Wedding in Westin Hotel, Kuala Lumpur | Celebrating Justina & Alejandro

“I promise to love you with all I am, to honour and respect you, to accept and appreciate our differences and to be your team mate for life.”Justina and Alejandro’s wedding is perhaps one of the most fun we have covered in the past years. The two are so in love with one another and it is no secret as you can tell from the way they lock their eyes on each other’s.

This young couple is energetic and they really have got some sense of humour (Justina said she was glad to have found someone to annoy forever!) that brighten up the atmosphere wherever they go.Their celebration in Westin Hotel was filled with much joy.

In the morning, the gents made sure to fulfil their duties as brother troops. They went through all the challenges before Alejandro can proudly claim Justina, who was dressed in a stunning yellow bareback cheongsam, as his beloved wife. The ceremony was a solemn yet casual moment thanks to their laid-back and super fun characters. This wedding is undoubtedly one of our favourite!

Wedding Venue : Westin Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Wedding Planner : Moments


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