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Wedding of Min Hwui and Feliana

It is still amusing how, out of billions of people in the world, two persons met and spent the rest of their lives with each other. Some people called it Destiny, some claims it to be the hard work and effort in maintaining a relationship. There may be a million ways of explaining Love, but the Love we truly believe in, is the one that support each other in times of good and bad. The selflessness and faith, the courage and sincerity.

Just as Min Hwui's vow to his beloved Feliana, " I promise to love you without reservation, comfort you in times of the stress, and courage you to achieve all of your goals. " One can only have so much to offer, but is willing to give it all to that someone who worth all of his world.

Blessed with a good weather in Saujana, Subang. We present to you yet another heart-warming celebration of Love.


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