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ROM | Celebrating Voon Hon & Yee Wan

There is no place like home.

It is where we first learnt love from a family, where we are showered with the gentle care from the relatives, where we spend the rest of our lives with our significant half.

To begin their journey as husband and wife, Voon Hon and Yee Wan has hosted a beautiful and heart warming ceremony at their house. Every DIY decoration, is an enormous effort from the family members, relatives and friends who have selflessly hand crafted. Such strong bonds truly spice up the emotions of this wedding to another level. Feeling completely comfortable in a relationship, is one of the most noticeable sign of finding that one true love.

Congratulation to our dearest couple, who have enjoyed this wedding so homely, so cozy, and make us believe once again that, Love, is when you feel home.

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