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Pre-wedding in Putrajaya | Hui Fang & Patrick

Liking the outdoor and nature tone, but also fancied the idea of colossal buildings photoshots? Yeap! Putrajaya is the name that came to our mind.

Putrajaya is easily one of the most photogenic location for newly weds who prefers to travel within the state. Stay away from the overcrowding and congestion in the Kuala Lumpur areas, it is relatively more quiet and calm.

Thanks to Hui Fang and Patrick for entrusting us in this series of photos. We've traveled to 3 locations in Putrajaya to capture the different characters of this city.

Even though we have been across the globe, but the beauty and variety of elements in Malaysia is full of potential. It is that 'something' that we hope to continue capturing and preserve in our photos. After all, we're Anak Malaysia :)

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