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Journey of love in Taiwan | Shing Yi & Chee Seong

Wise men say that travelling opens both the mind and spirit. Early this year, we had an incredible opportunity to travel to Taiwan for an engagement photo session in Taipei and Jiufen.

Taiwan may not appear as the famous spot for pre-wedding photo shoot as compared to other countries in Asia, but we're glad to have eliminated this thought, and went for miles to bring in new inspirations.

True to that, this beautiful island is full of treasures. It has exceeded our expectations in every way. It is underrated by Western travelers, but those that make it here - are in for a real treat. The culture has blossomed on the island, not forgetting to mention the sensational food, exuberant temples; to some alleys and streets with the most authentic and local touch.

It is definitely worth the visit, and we can't wait for another surprising trip to different part of the world!

taiwan prewedding
taiwan prewedding

Jiu Fen prewedding

taiwan prewedding

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