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Dabbing all the way | Celebrating Wei Lee & Huey Wuen

Behold! Crazy brother troops dabbin' their way through to pick up the Bride!

It has been a morning filled with lots and LOTS of laughters during the Chinese gate crashing game session. We were so thrilled to see a group of supportive Heng Dai (15 of them!) enjoying themselves and having fun completing the challenges at Grand Hyatt.

Being the crew behind the lens, the atmosphere during wedding day impact us the most. In this wedding, these cheerful, playful brother troops have infused a bundle of Joy in everyone who were there witnessing the games. It is this Joy that reminds us the true essence of Chinese wedding - to be happy, merry and most importantly, to be a part of the celebration and enjoying yourself to the fullest!

Today, Wei Lee's brother troops have showed us a strong bond of friendship between one another - which really moved us.

It was also good to see our couple again after their pre wedding shooting in Alila Resort, Bali. Then now, witnessing them embarking into a new journey in life.

So what can we say?

Good times, and crazy friends make the best memories!

chinese wedding
chinese wedding

chinese wedding

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