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How to Choose the Right Bridal House?

When it comes to their own special day, everyone tries to make the best arrangement. While some couples may have the privilege to spend happily without any budget constraint, there are also some who try to strike a delicate balance between making their wedding memorable and affordable at the same time. So, the big question is how? The first step is to choose the right bridal house and here we have for you, 5 criterions to consider before you sign the deal with a bridal house.


Of course, every dream comes with a price. To lessen your burden, have a budget in mind before inquiring different bridal houses. Check their products and services price range, make sure the bridal packages include the 3 essential components [“3 Must Have in a Perfect Bridal Package” ]. Some bridal houses offer several packages at different price range, catering to wider cliental with different budgets. In this case, it would be a lot easier for you to select the bridal package best fits your comfortable range. If you prefer a customised package, be bold to inquire too.


Once you have chosen the right wedding gown design, don’t be too quick to make a final call. Make sure you check the quality of the wedding gowns, take your time and examine the material. This is because the material of your wedding gown plays a huge role in the overall styles it conveys. If the quality is not quite on point, don’t be shy to eliminate the option and select another piece.


A wedding gown is the most important element of your wedding day. So, make sure you find a bridal house that can cater to your preferred design and style. While some bridal houses may have their in-house designer, Armadale carefully scrutinizes and brings in different labels from overseas to offer a wider range of options for brides to choose their dream gowns. Instead of a uniform style, we generate new design line every month to make sure a good variety up for grab so that every bride can find their ‘something’ here.


Most of the groom and bride-to-be are newbies when they started planning their weddings. This is why you must choose a bridal house that provides professional consultant services. They are the experts in the wedding industry who can guide you in times of hesitant, stress and panic, gives detailed explanation on deals and packages, and helps recommending the right gowns for you. With the guidance of a good wedding consultant, your burden is easily reduced half.


This is perhaps the most trustworthy and honest reflection of the quality of a bridal house. Listen to your most trusted referrals, i.e. their previous clients who were once wedding couples just like your good self. Their reviews on the bridal house’s services, packages and products will speak for you and make you feel more confident prior to signing the deal. Check out our client’s testimony here [Testimonial]

There you have it. 5 simple rules to guide you in choosing your perfect bridal house. If you would like to know more about Armadale’s packages and offers, feel free to leave us a message at

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