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Chinese Wedding | Celebrating Anne & Lick Huang

We found ourselves smiling while going through the footage of Lick and Annee’s gate-crashing game during the morning ceremony. The bride sat demurely in her Qun Kua, a beautiful work of two-piece jacket and skirt combo adorned with traditional embroideries of dragons and phoenixes, as the groom made their way to go through the many challenging games prepared by the bridesmaids. It was a joyous occasion celebrating the union of the newlyweds and their families in the most Malaysian Chinese way possible.

The tea ceremony marks a significant moment in Chinese wedding, in which members of both families become relatives of each other. The newlyweds served sweet tea to their parents and in-laws amidst the auspicious greetings and wishes. It was almost impossible for everyone to hide their smiles simply because it was such a moving moment, and a beautiful tradition that has been preserved and practised for century.

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