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An Oriental Prewedding in Time Tunnel Museum, Cameron Highlands | Wooi Mee & Ken

Her eyes are so powerful, as it they're telling you a story. Her eyes can speak more than words" - was what our chief photographer, Covan Loh told us after this pre wedding shots.

We have all heard of the traditional proverb of eyes are the window of the soul, and we couldn't have agreed more when we met Wooi Mee. Together with Ken, they have decided to go with an oriental Shanghai theme concept for shooting, with Wooi Mee dressing in Cheongsam.

Taken in Time Tunnel Cameron Highlands, we carefully blend in the interior designs and atmosphere with the couple's idea. And the result? Majestic, with a tone of mysterious, soul-telling.

For a second it reminds us of the movie " In the Mood for Love"

Share your thoughts and ideas with us today, and let us be the craftsman to create your most memorable artwork.

oriental prewedding cameron highlands
Oriental Prewedding
Oriental Prewedding
Time tunnel prewedding

cameron prewedding

In the mood for love
Cameron Highlands Prewedding


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