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August Weekly Issue | Ultimate Glow Up Tips Before Your Big Day!


Ladies, take time to choose your wedding gown, don't rush it. It is the showstopper on your wedding day, so make sure all the details and alterations are perfected!

Gowns: Armadale Gowns

Take note, brides, don’t forget about your manicure. Go with French nails or choose a solid nude colour - they go with every theme. Make sure your fingers look clean and neat for the close up shoots too!

Prep yourself to the best state before your wedding shoot. A relaxing home spa with your lover, with a nice, aromatic diffuser will offer you the epitome of a chillax bath!

Sleep well and have a good rest the night before your wedding day. The sleeping pillow from My Organic Workshops is filled with eco grains and dried french lavender buds, proven to enhance your sleeping experience and calm your tiring eyes. The shop also offers scented candles and aromatic oil, all of which are 100% handmade.

Sleeping Pillow: 23 Atelier Personnalise | My Organic Workshops

Elevate your shower experience with the Bergamot oil-infused Lush bath bombs to help alleviate stress. The strokes of rosewood oil will also leave your skin balanced and bright. You deserve a good one so don’t hesitate to spoil yourself!

Bath Bombs: Lush

Treat your skin a moist fest! Hydrate your skin before the photoshoot with Decorté moisture Liposome. Its microscopic particle makes excellent affinity with your skin, penetrating the epidermis to give you the flawless skin you desire.

Skincare: Cosme Decorté Liposome Hydration Boosting Serum


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