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Chinese Wedding in Shangri-La Hotel | TJ & Celia

A heartfelt appreciation to TJ and Celia for entrusting us to take care of her actual day wedding’s photography and cinematography. It has been great to see these lovebirds again after a lovely pre-wedding session in Perth beginning this year. Working with them is one that is friendly and stress-free – thanks to their ultimate faith in us! – allowing our talent team to deliver the artwork cater to their requirement and personal preference (turn on the volume for the unique choice of upbeat music!). Most importantly, we truly cherish the friendship that blossom from months of preparation.

Their Chinese wedding took place in Shangri-La Hotel in KL. In the morning session, we were impressed by the group of supportive “heng dai” who have helped TJ to get through all the challenges to marry the woman he loves. Taking insects, spicy ramyun noodles, milk bottles… you gotta watch it yourself to see the level of friendship right there!

The dinner reception is full of surprises as well, especially after TJ and Celia made their grand entrance. As the couple held hand together to lit up the unity candle, the guests too, brought their cellphones with lighted screen in the air and transform the ballroom into a pool of firefly. This creativity has left everyone in awe, gasp with wonder as these lights twinkle all around like a symphony of pure stardust. It was truly an amazing and magical night.

Congratulation to TJ and Celia from Armadale.


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