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Church Wedding | Celebrating Sri & Adriana

There is an effortless beauty about a church wedding, especially one such as Sri and Adriana’s, at perhaps, what we believe to be one of the most beautiful churches in central KL – the Holy Rosary.

One might find it hard not be attracted by the enchanting stained glass used in the windows of this church. The multi-coloured glasses, outlined by stripes of dyed pieces carefully designed and assembled, carried with them a rich history first coming to prominence in the Middle Ages, enhancing holy buildings around the globe for thousands of years. It is an outstanding backdrop that enhances the matrimony of Sri and Adriana, as the sunlight shines through the glasses, donning a dash of colour to the singing praises of God. With the couple saying, “I do” under the witness of the Church, close friends and family, the world gains another happy newlywed.


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