KL Pre-Wedding | Celebrating Ee Lin & Choon How

A classic pre-wedding theme of less is more.

What set simplicity apart from superficially dramatic is a sense of calmness. The humble and subtle emotion between Ee Lin and Choon How is the mould that shapes the outcome of this pre-wedding series. They possess an unspeakable chemistry that is itself a great beauty; one that needs not to shout it, rather is embedded deeply to give a sophisticated glow.

A simple theme like this is sometimes the best way to encapsulate the complex idea of love as the focus falls on the bonding between the couple. Simplicity brings to the surface of what has been overlook and forgotten, reminding us again that Love is the backbone of every pre-wedding series, and everything else is just embellishment to complement its beauty. These lovely photos magnify the couple’s intimacy, the simple moments between them that are often failed being noticed but is precisely the essence of a relationship: because sometimes the simple things mean the most.

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