KL Pre-Wedding | Celebrating Nicole & Harris

Two hearts beating as one will always find each other.

It is perhaps the best way to describe our couple here, who proves to us that Love knows no boundaries. Being an air stewardess, Nicole travels around the globe (cue in the jealous audiences!) while Harris is a doctor who spends long hours saving lives. Despite the distance, the two make sure to keep one another close at heart and voila – here we are at FRIM and Merchant Lane capturing some of their sweet moments.

The photoshoot in Merchant Lane is indeed a pleasant one. Its Malaysian Oriental design makes every corner picture-worthy, perfectly embracing the uniqueness of both heritage and modern facets. We absolutely love the shot where Harris places his stethoscope to Nicole’s heart, who was wearing her Baju Kebaya uniform from Singapore Airlines. It is a photo that says so much about their story, and boy do we love persevering love story.

FRIM KL prewedding