KL Pre-Wedding | Celebrating Wye Mun & Suet Jean

Isn’t it lovely to have met the love of your life?

The one who magnifies your joy in times of happiness; lifts your spirits in times of sadness; listens to your story when things are in madness. It is the presence and company from our love one that always reminds us: togetherness is itself a blessing, for it makes everything in life better, or perhaps sometimes, a little more bearable because even if all things fail, we are not alone.

Love is simple, but within that simplicity lies a body of complexions that not even the greatest language can portray truthfully. How can words carry the weight of love, when it makes our hearts sank so deep? How can words describe the shape of love, when it embraces our souls in every form? How can words explain the emotions of love, when it makes us feel the way we have never felt before?

Words fail. Words fail because “I love you” is so pathetically inadequate to encapsulate the way two hearts truly feel for each other. Words fail because “I miss you” is so insufficient to convey the urge of wanting a close togetherness. Words fail, so, who triumphs?

Love. Love wins, love always wins.

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