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Pre-Wedding in KL | Celebrating Lawrence and Annabelle

A back to basic themed shot always occupies a special spot in our heart. When all elaborated elements are discarded, the purest and most natural stylistic components will reveal themselves slowly, one by one to again remind us that it is not the fanciest venues that constitute a beautiful pre-wedding photo, but the chemistry possessed by the couple. The glow on the face of a happy couple who feels strongly for each other, the natural curved line on their lips when they look into each other, the way their body communicate in a language understood only by their very own selves – these are the ingredients that no venues or post-production can recreate. They belong uniquely to each couple, and our presence is to capture that uniqueness.

We set the photoshoot venue at a cozy café in the heart of KL, the Le Pont Boulangerie for Lawrence and Annabelle’s pre-wedding series. Dressed in a simple one-piece powder blue dress, Anabelle presents a modest contemporary look to complement Lawrence, whose attire is a simple white shirt paired with jeans. Their outfits gel well with the modern setting of a western café, which allows us pulled a little trick by making use of the reflection on the glasses to construct a different photo composition. The two also did another series at UPM and FRIM, arguably the most popular locations for a local pre-wedding photoshoot. Amid greenery and natural landscape, the couple changed to a more formal look to introduce a different style in their photos.


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