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Pre-Wedding of Pagen and Timothy

Embracing the beauty of homeland.

We are constantly being reminded of how blessed to be Malaysians, a country that spoils not only our tongue, but also our eyes us with scenic places. One of them that we cannot get enough of, is the greenery and surroundings in University of Putra Malaysia (UPM). It has always been a popular location for pre-wedding photoshoot, thanks to its peaceful and serene ambience with little to no crowd, and amazingly beautiful sunlight especially during sunrise and sunset.

We employed a more casual approach for Pagen and Timothy’s photo series in UPM, letting the two to flaunt their most natural smile for one another as we capture these moments into frames. The concept behind these photos is to create memories where the pictures become the keepsake in marriage life, for reminiscing of all the good times spent together. It is also the creation of visual enjoyment that would last forever, deeply rooted in the soil of our beloved homeland.

UPM pre-wedding
Prewedding in UPM
kl preceding location putrajaya
pre-wedding in putrajaya


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