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ROM of Ann & Samuel in Pullman Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Love is often said to be unpredictable, often happens when it is least expected. But when it does, it is one of the most magical feeling in the world. It does not always mean greeting your partner with roses and going on romantic dates, but most importantly, supporting and cherishing one another in times of good and bad.

Being together for more than a decade, Samuel and Ann have experienced the up and downs in this adventure called life. On 19th March 2017, they shared their happiness with loved ones in Pullman KLCC as they embarked on a new journey.

We are deeply moved by their company and support for each other in life surprises as lovers and ultimate best friend. Presenting to you another celebration of Love.

Wedding Cinematography by Chief Cinematographer

Photography by Fabulous Moments

Emcee : William Lee

Make Up by Remy Ngan


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