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Seoul, Korea Pre-Wedding | Celebrating Jacqueline & David

Seoul from a different lens.

If you’re looking for some fresh air from the usual photo styling in Seoul, Jacqueline and David’s pre-wedding is one that you cannot miss. Instead of choosing the more popularized locations, the lovebirds opted for a more unique yet subtle venue- the Bukchon Hanoi Village. This small village at the heart of Seoul is home to hundreds of traditional houses called Hanok. When we first arrived at the village, we know for a fact that it’s gonna be an amazing venue for their pre-wedding shots.

We tossed the idea of putting Hanbok on the couple, on the contrary, played along wit the idea of creating a contrast between these traditional buildings and a modern touch. For Jacqueline, she is dressed in a contemporary designed mermaid, and complemented with David’s velvet brown suit. We couldn’t be more surprised to see the result of this styling, it’s a perfect harmony!

Just like the many facets of love, pre-wedding shots can be presented in many new and different ways- even if they’re captured at the same locations! What’s the next unique idea? We’re yet to find out but we certainly can’t wait!

Korea prewedding
Korea prewedding
Korea Pre-wedding


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