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September Weekly Issue | 2020 Groom's Tips That You Need To Know


Those who are into polo aesthetics would know that polo shirts are a classic. Give it a special touch by pairing with a suit to elevate this timeless fashion. Plus point, it is more comfortable for a pre-wedding shooting.

Shirt: Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt

Gentlemen, make sure your hair is all set for your big day. A fuss-free, clean, and elegant taper haircut works all the time.

Even a non-classic watch person would stare at the Patek Philippe Aquanaut in awe. Its “Tropical” strap made of new composite material that makes it ultra-resistant to saltwater, wear, and UV radiation shouts everything modern, sporty, and edgy!

Watch: Patek Philippe Aquanaut

The world gasps as David Beckham takes his fashion vision to a new direction. His DB Eyewear features a collection of retro-influenced sunglasses. Grab yours now to feel some of that Beckham charm on your wedding!

Sunglasses: DB Eyewear

Time to splurge on some new scent! The Acqua di Parma cologne will remind you of the lazy Italian summer on a breezing beach. Its balanced blend of musk, benzoin, cedar, and bergamot creates a fragrance perfect for casual and daytime wear.

Cologne: Acqua Di Parma, the Mediterranean Breeze

Cufflinks are the simplest way to carve your personality onto any formal wear. Standard designs are durable and practical but throwing in some fun twist does no harm too!


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