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Wedding Dinner in Enderong, Janda Baik

As we pass through the Tanarimba gates, the spectacular timber structure of Enderong Hall greets us.

This beautiful function hall opens up endless possibilities for couples to transform their dream wedding ideas into reality. For Shen Wen and Bryan, less is more. The rustic green florals put just the right amount of adornment into the already beautifully rustic designed hall. The rest is just pure joy and love shared among their close ones that take over the atmosphere, turning it into a fun and lovely celebration. ​

To perfect the night, Shen Wen and her love, Bryan danced the night away with their friends under the glow of dreamy fairy lights before the signature father and daughter dance, which earned so much tears from the floor. You could already tell from these photos that everyone was enjoying themselves as much as the lovebirds.

Well, what can we say?

There are shortcuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them – Vicki Baum.

Wedding in Janda baik
Wedding in Janda Baik


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