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Wedding Dinner of Aly & Chermaine

Just like the Sun that rises every morning, parental love never failed to bring warmth to the family selflessly and unconditionally. It is this love that keeps us warm even when the night falls, knowing that the Sun will always shine again.

The family bonding between Aly and Chermaine has moved us so deeply, and reminded us to always, always appreciate those who have loved us first before we find our lifetime partner – family.

During the reception, the groom’s mother gave her blessing and wished the couple a lifetime of happiness. While the bride’s father mentioned the true essence of marriage based on his 39 years’ experience of wedded life,

“We not only feel the love we have for each other, but we also feel each other’s pain and suffering. I think that this is what being a husband and wife really means to me.”

Wedding, is often said as the union of two happily persons in love with one another. But what we sometimes forget is that, it is also the union of two families into one.

Celebrating Aly & Chermaine

Wedding Planner : MYWedding Planner

Wedding Decoration : Wishing Tree

Venue : Ritz Carlton Hotel, Kuala Lumpur


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