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Wedding In Ayana Resort, Bali | Louise & Isaac

The magical touch of Bali once again made us bound to its mysterious beauty. Like a helpless child, we are drained into this calling, to fall for its enchanting charm at Ayana Resort & Spa.

Isaac and Louise, two individuals from different places connected as one in the name of Love. Sometimes it's not just about the already breath taking scenery which need no further mention (I mean, c'mon, we're in Bali!). But rather the connection we see in their eyes. That soul-touching moment that sparkles deep between them.

We are even more thrilled to receive the news of these love birds welcoming a little angel, Baby Giselle into their family. This extended version of their Bali wedding, an unending affection that makes their love whole and complete. It reminds us that Love is, and will, forever be passed on from generation to generation.

Thank you, Isaac and Louise for showing us that,

Love, is the first breath of Eternal.

Venue : Ayana Resort and Spa, Bali


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