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Wedding in Glasshouse Seputeh | Celebrating Cheryl & Vincent

What do Greek philosophers, Romantic painters, and contemporary artists all have in comment? An obsession with the subject of Love. All through hundreds of years of human existence, Love has been at the focal point of our thoughts and lives. It is the very emotion that artists of every decade try to define, but all of which barely scratch its surface. At any given moment in history, from the olden to modern day music, the word that most often occurs, is none other than Love.

Sometimes, we find it hard to pen down the beautiful weddings we have documented. The depth of love conveyed throughout the occasion, not just between the bride and groom, but also amongst the family and friends, is so complex and intense that words can sometimes become redundant.

Yet, much like how mankind is trapped in love, so are we in language. There is only so much we can describe in words, the friendship of Vincent and Cheryl that caught fire, the precious love they share and with an undying effort, water and nurture, and the growing strength they find in each other’s company that will make you electrified even when watching from afar.

Perhaps the photos might speak better than our words, but in a contradicting interest, we hope they do not, because no medium of representation can ever fully encapsulate the fascinating, subtle nuances of Love.

Glasshouse at Seputeh
Wedding in Glasshouse at Seputeh

Wedding decoration ideas
Wedding in Glasshouse Seputeh
Wedding in Glasshouse Seputeh
Wedding in Glasshouse Seputeh

Wedding in Glasshouse Seputeh


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