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Wedding in Janda Baik | Celebrating Yvonne & Barnabas

A fun-filled wedding harms nobody!

Yvoanne and Barnadas’ wedding is all about having fun. The wedding day is brightened in the morning with gate crashing games that put the brother troops to test. From yoga posing, to dancing and love declaration, they made sure to do their best to complete every task. We have always loved Chinese wedding but this one right here, is done with so much fun we had to say, it is lit!

The ceremony in Janda Baik is a solemn celebration as the two made their vow witnessed by their close ones. They proceed to celebrate the day with a reception in the glasshouse. Just as we thought the brother troops have had enough fun, they surprised the crowd with a special performance for the newlywed. Needless to say, the atmosphere was pushed to the highest point and the couple had just as much fun as everyone else.

So lovely, so enjoyable and so much joy. Armadale wishes both of you the happiest marriage!


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