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Wedding of Peyton & Elizabeth

Singing the Bee gees because you're the bee to my honey!

Wedding - the union of two families, or sometimes the union of two different cultures. It is love and patience that break these boundaries, creating an unification called marriage. The morning ceremony of Peyton and Elizabeth brings this union live to our eyes. It was filled with fun and joy, made possible by a group of very supportive Heng Dai who took every challenge and nailed it (like a boss!)

The tea ceremony too, signifies the beginning of a new family. Witnessed by close families and friends, the newlyweds served sweet tea to their in-laws as a manner of respect. Words of blessings and laughter sprung in the morning breeze at Ritz Carlton, greeting the couple to a new journey in their lives as one.

Venue : Ritz Carlton Hotel

Photographer : Armadale Weddings

Cinematography : Armadale Weddings


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