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October Weekly Issue | Organise An Eco-Friendly Wedding Like A Pro


While creating an eco-friendly wedding theme, secondhand shopping and rental services are an excellent option. Brides can also opt to have a simple gown that comes with a bolero top that creates two different looks! Book an appointment with us to learn more now.

Gowns: Armadale Gowns

Potted flowers, greeneries not just add an organic touch to your wedding decoration, yet it’s more budget-friendly! You can bring them home after the wedding and also give it to your wedding guests as a favor.

Food can be a madly debated topic in the green wedding conversation. Survey for caterers who focus on local, sustainable, and seasonal cuisine. The more local, the less carbon-footprint from long-distance shipping!

Why bring in decorations if they already exist at your venue? While looking for your ceremony and reception sites, look for spaces that offer details that fit your wedding style. Rama V offers a tropical backdrop, Thai inspired garden that gives you instant floral decor. This will save you cash and the earth resources—talk about a win-win.

Location: Rama V Fine Dining Restaurant

Sending email invitations can be one of the coolest ideas! It is an eco-friendly choice to save trees by going paper-free. Besides, craft your invites with recycled paper, and printing the designs using sustainable inks does help too! Try to make sure your wedding did not harm the planet earth in every aspect if you want to go green.

Well, when talking about eco-friendly and sustainability, one thing that we bear in mind: NO PLASTICS! A green wedding alternative idea is to gift your guests with cute glassware instead of plastic water bottles or individually wrapped snacks. It’s meaningful and beautiful too!


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