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October Weekly Issue | The Magical 2020 Animal Print Trends!


We love scarves though Malaysia is never the perfect country for it. The cherry on top is, scarves are not limited to one season. Different materials of scarves can vamp up your outfit game like no other! Bring your scarves with you on your shooting day and get that effortless wow effect!

Scarves: Left | Versace, Right | Burberry

The most flattering wedding gown can sometimes be the one with the simplest silhouette. From the sweetheart neckline to lacey details, it is just simply stunning! Not to mention, it can also be the essential one to pair with any of your fashion items!

Gowns: Armadale Gowns

We already knew that animal prints are one of the biggest trends in 2020. This Alexa Chung’s mini dress is patterned with the cow prints and designed exclusively in-house! Make it the cool-est piece in your wardrobe for shooting or party purposes!

Dress: Alexa Chung

Prints on sunglasses? Yes, yes, yes! A great pair of sunglasses can enhance your face, your style, and even boost your mood a little! All you need to do is throw it on everything essential, and voila! Styling tricks are as easy as ABC.

Sunglasses: Poppy Lissiman Stevie - Cow

Looking for a cute item that can complement your style and look? How about the Tanzanie Bracelet from Hermes? The animal prints on it are cool, chic, and not to say that it’s trendy!

Bracelets: Hermes Clic H Zebres de Tanzanie bracelet


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