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Akad Nikah in Gita Bayu - Kim & Roshida

Living in a multi racial country like Malaysia has opened our vision to experience, understand and even interact with people from different cultures from each race. Every culture is unique on its own and slowly developed into a piece of art passed on from generations to generations.

Akad Nikah, is the most virtual ceremony in the Malay wedding, while Red is an auspicious color in the Chinese Wedding. We were blessed to be a part of Kim and Roshida's Akad Nikah in Gita Bayu, celebrating the union of love for two. It is not surprising to see a mixture of different elements in this wedding as it was a cross-culture celebration.

We felt truly appreciated to be given this opportunity witnessing such beauty of Love. The Love that knows no boundaries, but only grows fonder regardless of race, culture, and background. The Love that stands strong in time and can be persevered with the support from one another.

Here's to wishing Kim and Roshida many years of happiness ahead !

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