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Akad Nikah in Gita Bayu | Kim & Roshida

A cross-culture wedding, an outdoor ceremony, a blessed weather - we present to you the Akad Nikah of Kim and Roshida.

We were in awe as we stepped into this venue that the couple has chosen to host their wedding ceremony. It was truly a hidden gem! We were spoiled with choices of choosing the natural backdrop for photography and the results were lovely! Blessed with a good weather and simple decoration, it is not surprising that this is one of our favorite collection so far.

The elements in this wedding speak for itself. You can find that two different cultures were perfectly, well-blended with one another. The gents dressed in a traditional Malay costume, while for the ladies, there's a twist in color of Red - which is the auspicious color in Chinese Wedding.

Each and every wedding is special on its own, and we are always more than happy to be a part of the celebration. Let us be your dream maker!

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