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DO’s and DONT’s Every Bride Wished They Knew before Hiring a Wedding Videographer

A wedding is unarguable one of the most important day in your life. It also goes by so fast, and there’s a high chance that you’ll miss out some moments on the day – hence the purpose of getting a Wedding Videographer, to savor every details that you didn’t notice.

Here’s a few tips and advices for all you bride-to-be. Take our words!

D O ’s

  • Do get 2 videographers to shoot for your wedding day. While one videographer may save you some cost, but it certainly isn’t worth it. There’s a limitation as to how much a person can cover with his eyes/lens. Getting 2 experts will give you a more complete coverage of the events. Besides, some events happens simultaneously, like when the groom sees his bride walking down the aisle. You want to see the groom’s anticipation, AND the bride’s reaction. Without 2 videographers, you would see the camera running here and there. Or even worse yet - you’ll have to choose between these two moments.

  • Do request to film the preparation details. For example, bride’s parents covering her veil in a Chinese tradition, or the groom having a chilling ‘bro’ time with his mates. These are the hours before the big thing – couple are usually filled with excitement, and a whole lot of unspoken emotions that will shine on the face. You surely wouldn’t want to miss out such special moments.

  • Do communicate with your videographer. Make sure he knows your expectations. There can be different styles of video editing. For example, a more documentary style where events are arranged chronologically, or movie-like style with vows voice over and some portraits. Find out the types of video services that they offer, such as Save the date, Behind the scene, Couple’s stories. He or she must be someone who is knowledgeable and experienced to provide you with useful advises.

D O N T ’s

  • ​Don’t force your guests to participate in interviews for your wedding videos. Some people are natural speakers, but some are not. Even though the idea of having intimate messages are lovely, but it would be awfully awkward to see some cliché advises from someone whom you know wouldn’t say such things normally.

Let’s not forget that: you’re keeping the video forever.

  • Don’t ask for full footage. There is always a reason why videographer takes time to prepare the final video for you – to edit a better view, cut-off certain parts where you might not be looking at your best form, or some periods that are plain boring. It would be such a pain to sit through a 2 hours footage, as compared to enjoying a sweet 25 to 30 mins eventful video with important details. In some cases, you might also need to pay extra for raw footage.

Our advice? NO!

  • ​Don’t settle for an ‘okay’ option due to budget constraints. All bride and groom deserve the best for their wedding day even with a limited budget. Do more research, and ask for recommendations. Some prices might include items that you find unnecessary – inquire further and find out if there’s any room for discussion. Some companies are able to cater a personalized package for different clients (like us!). Don’t be afraid to ask questions that you’re curious about. It’s that one day that you need to make sure all things are on point!

Armadale wished you the best in searching for your perfect videographer. Do drop us an email, or simply ring us to let us assist you with any queries. Good luck!

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