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6 Tips to Write Your Own Wedding Vows

In weddings, bride and groom can always count on their family, friends or professionals to help organizing the smallest details. But there is one thing that the couple has to get hands on by their own- the wedding vow. It is a speech, a love declaration, and a promise of a lifetime for the beloved, and can therefore, be the most stressful task to execute. While we can’t help you to construct your wedding vow (well, because it has to come from your own words!) but we can offer some tips to guide you through. So worry not, we’ve got this covered for you, read on!

wedding vow ideas

1. Be personalized

A wedding vow should be between you and your partner. So, don’t be afraid to include personal details that meant a lot to both of you. It can be one of those simple yet important things that happened in your relationship. Like how did you guys met, when did you know he or she is going to be your life partner one day? Better yet, surprise your partner with details that he or she wouldn’t even thought you’d remember. It could be your first date, the first gifts to each other, or words he or she said that makes you feel special.

wedding vow ideas

2. Promises of a Lifetime

Marriage is a lifelong journey of two persons who, vow to be there for each other in time of richer or poorer, health or sickness. A wedding vow is therefore, only complete with a solemn promise to your life partner. Our suggestion for you would be to think of a few strengths and weaknesses that you and your partner complement each other. If she is a careless person and you’re the organized one, a good way to make your promise is to tell her that you will be her little reminder whenever she is acting carelessly. Or, make a general one like “I promise to support you” and then add a few personalized details towards it.

3. Time your vows

While delivering wedding vow is a moment of love declaration, don’t forget too that there are audiences and guests who are watching you. Unless you are very sure that you guests wouldn’t mind a 30minutes-long vow, we strongly suggest you to time your vows properly. Anything within 5 minutes is considerably good. Avoid long winded sentences, and make them concise. Try summarizing your vow if it’s too long but make sure you do not lose the meaningful touch.

4. Tone

A wedding vow can be serious, touching, or even hilarious. So, ask yourself: how do you want your wedding vow to sound like? If both of you are not the formal and serious people, then don’t be afraid to throw in some inside jokes. You could also discuss with your partner before constructing the vow to set a similar tone so that it could sound more harmonized.

5. Look for Samples

We have mentioned earlier that a wedding vow should be from your own words. But we also understand that not everyone is born a perfect writer. If you’re struggling to start your sentence, look for some wedding videos to find some inspirations. This will give you a basic idea of how to construct your very own vow. So, don’t be ashamed find a few online samples of wedding vows to start with. We guarantee you, you’re not the first to do so, and neither would you be the last!

6. Practice

Most people would like to save the reading part to the wedding day itself, so that it sounds more natural and impromptu. If you are confident to do so, by all mean, go ahead! But, if you are not a speech person, then it’s better to recite your vows for a few times. After all, practice makes perfect!

wedding vow ideas

There are only so many tips we could provide you but the biggest tip of all is to be sincere in your words. Make your partner feel special on the wedding day not only because the venue and decoration look perfect, but your vow that would be remembered forever. Fellow bride and groom-to-be, all the best!

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