A detailed checklist for your BIG day.

To-Pack for the Wedding Day

After a long process of preparation, you are finally counting down the your wedding day! All sort of emotions like excitement, anxious and anticipation might be a little overwhelming. To save your hassles on packing for wedding day, here’s a checklist to avoid last-minute panic. Scroll on and jot down your notes now!

B r i d e

We’re pretty sure you wouldn’t forget your gown. But some accessories might be overlooked! One thing that most brides forget is a pair of comfortable flats that come in as a savior after all the dancing.

  • Wedding dress

  • Evening Gown

  • Undergarments

  • Shoes (heels and a pair of comfy flats!)

  • Veil

  • Jewelry

  • Engagement ring and wedding band

  • Hair accessories

  • Perfume

G r o o m

You must too, look ‘on-point’ in your dashing suit and tie to match with the Bride. Make sure to pack your watch and cufflinks as well.

  • Undergarments and undershirt

  • Suit or Tuxedo

  • Shoes

  • Bow tie or neck tie

  • Cufflinks

  • Hair wax or gel

  • Shaver and shaving cream

  • Deodorant

  • Watch

  • Wedding bands

Chinese traditional is one of the most important ceremony. Make sure your Qun Gua and all other materials such as a red umbrella and a tea set are prepared earlier.

  • Qun Gua

  • Red sleepwear and slippers

  • Gua Shoes

  • Hair accessories

  • Red umbrella

  • Tea ceremony set

  • Fruits and other food in the basket