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Check out the guides to personalized pre-wedding photo shoot!

Couples who are getting married always look for fun ways to preserve their memories before entering into a new phase in life. In today’s trends, pre-wedding photo shoot has become a must-have for all brides and grooms-to-be. A pre-wedding shoot is really all about you and your partner, in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere to create moments that can be cherished for life. Pre-wedding is pretty much a ‘dance rehearsal’ for couples to practice their photography sessions before the actual wedding. So what are the to-do’s to make the best out of your photos? How to make it YOUR pre-wedding photos with personalized elements? We’ve listed down a few tips here – take a look!


Ditch the idea of awkward posing in a studio – pre-wedding can be your own customized series of photos. To make this possible, it is usually easier to start with a theme, where couple can incorporate their personalities into the shooting concept. Sounds too complicated? Let us give you an example here, supposed you and your partner are the care-free, , nature loving couple – why not an outdoor casual pre-wedding shot? Instead of dressing in full gown and tuxedo, both of you can wear white linen shirts, or the bride can go with a simple, elegant white maxi dress. Even more creative yet – pair with jeans or make it a vintage theme! There is never a frame to limit creativity! If you’re really clueless, speak to our photographer – their expertise will definitely save your brain juice!


While we can’t deny the overseas pre-wedding trend, there are also plenty of hidden gems in Malaysia that will vow you (and us too!). Our team has been across the globe and sometimes, it’s the most unexpected locations in our homeland that surprise us the most. If you can’t resist historical and cultural vibe, there’s Penang and Melaka. Or if you want a mini getaway to some breezy, windy beach, Pulau Pangkor is one of the good options. The recent hidden gem that our team explored is “The Desert in Malaysia” at Padang Pasir Klebang, Melaka. You’ll never know what awaits you!


For those who have allocated a more decent budget, and don’t mind to travel overseas, there are plenty of countries that can paint beautiful canvas for photos. Again, we recommend to choose a destination that best speaks your personalities. Paris is undoubtedly one of the most popular one, but don’t forget New Zealand too – every frame looks like a painting in this country. Or how about Prague? This vintage, chillax country in Europe will sway you through romance in no time. Santorini, Amsterdam, Italy, we can’t really pick the BEST one yet because each one of these are unique in its own beauty – speak to us today and let us advise you.


Preparation is the key to good results! All those pretty photos you’ve scrolled online are made possible with the effort of a teamwork behind the scene! Can you imagine being in a beautiful, jaw-dropping awesome destination but without a nice makeup on your face for photos? Many of us have also experienced this frustration: when our friend couldn’t take a good photo for us to post on social media – we’re sure you wouldn’t want this to happen for your pre-wedding photo-shoot!

Hire an experience makeup artist and photographer is that one preparation you cannot possibly miss out. Spend some time to go through their work, make an appointment to speak with them. Most importantly, listen to your heart. If you can ‘click’ with them, then just go for it! What’s better than going for a pre-wedding photo-shoot with your love one, and a team who can understand you perfectly well? More than just photos, don’t forget the experience counts too!


​Different photographers vary in their offers and the way they package it. After finding the crew you feel comfortable with, don’t be shy to discuss with them about the packages. It’s always best to talk in detail about the price ranges, items included, terms and conditions before making the final decisions. Some packages might be a steal not to be missed! Email us to check out our latest pre-wedding and engagement portraits package at


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