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Oh, New Zealand...

Unlike other countries where it gives you an electric-excitement, New Zealand is that one place that makes us go "hmmm.." whenever we stepped on this land of serenity.

Of course, every country has a certain amount of natural beauty. But New Zealand just happens to have a whole lot of it. Sorry but let us just repeat this statement again - A WHOLE LOT OF IT. The landscape will make you want to give a standing ovation!

It is undoubtedly one of our favorite place for pre-wedding shots, regardless of which season. We have done it when Spring says hello with new green grass crowding out of the dead brown grass; when blossoms turn their faces to the sun during Summer; or in Autumn when plants change into multi-colored works of art; preparing for the cold, mellow Winter.

We'd love to hear from you for another delightful experience in New Zealand. Enjoy these series of masterpiece presented to you by our talented photographer, Covan Loh!

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