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Bali Pre-Wedding | Cassandra & Adrian (Casual Portraits)

Express your personal style!

Who says casual portrait can't be unique?! This photo series that our team covered for Cassandra and Adrian in Bali clearly proves it wrong!

Despite the countless wedding assignments we have done in Bali, fresh ideas and unique perspectives are the key to new inspirations. This time, we incorporated Cassandra and Adrian's shared interest in yoga into their casual portrait, to capture the natural interaction and the sense of partnership between them. The idea behind this concept is to involve elements of expressing your true self while enjoying the photoshoot with your love one.

Oh, and did we not mention the plus point of a picturesque experience in Bali that oozes romance in, literally, every spot? The nature backdrop of scenic garden and ocean view would surely complement your special moments preserved in photos for many years to come!

Bali Prewedding
Bali prewedding

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