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Behind The Scene of Marco & Natasha

Fun, loving and easy going – it’s been a pleasure working with Marco and Natasha!

As a team of creative story teller, we always try our best to create imaginative work that is exclusive enough, yet relatable to the couple’s personal lives. That is why we couldn’t be more thrilled when Marco and Natasha agreed to a pre-wedding photography in their own style, blending in the element of their common hobby: cycling.

To jazz up the classic, romantic pre-wedding shot with a sporty impression, the couple suit up in their cycling apparel from head to toe. We especially love it when couple are in their usual, comfortable style as it makes the photography session a delightful one.

A big shout out to our couple for being so corporative on the shooting day, which was a real challenge. They didn’t mind the hassles of repeating every cycling movement for us to take the best shots, working under the playful (or shall we say, crazy!) weather of hot sun and drizzle in the same afternoon- to which we decided to make use of the rain, like the one where Marco held his coat above Natasha to shield her from the rain.

We believe small details make a big difference. And we hope you’d enjoy this Behind the Scene video too.


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