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Church Wedding | Celebrating Deb & Jin

“Dearest Debbie, till this day, I remember our conversation when we first met. You’re indeed my little miss sunshine. You’ve been a source of comfort and encouragement to me. I promise to keep doing the fun things with you and keep joy central to our lives. I promise to guard and nurture our marriage, making you the priority. I choose to love you and I’ll learn to love you the way Jesus shows us how.”

Love may sometimes happen like fairy tales, but what is less often talked about is the commitment of two individuals coming together to embark on a journey as one, in the face of challenges and hardships. It takes more than just the work of chemistry – but also taking responsibility and making sacrifices in order for a relationship to bear fruit.

Jin’s personal vow to Debbie brought to mind such nuances of love. His promises are testaments to the deliberate effort in nurturing a relationship with care. It reminds us that the kind of love that stays for a lifetime is a kind where two persons choose to act and build upon so that they can grow along together. In the uncertainty of life, perhaps love is the only constant state of being that will stay forever true.


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