Countdown to the Emotional Stages of Brides before The Wedding Day

1. After the ‘Yes!’

The excitement of getting married can barely be contained! You started sending text messages, emails and social media posts to spread the breaking news of “I am getting married!” after the proposal. You feel the deep source of happiness, reminiscing all the good times of being together and finally here comes the step of embarking on a new journey together – no matter how cliché it might sound.

2 . Confuse

Where should our wedding be? Who should be invite? How do we set a date? Once the ‘honeymoon’ phase was over, it’s time to execute the wedding planning. Friends and relatives started giving their advises enthusiastically, which only makes you worry more especially if you are not a born-natural-planner. While you do appreciate their kind advises based on past experiences, you are also bewildering as to what to REALLY do.

3. Determination

Here comes the stage where you feel determined that you can nail the wedding planning. You start gathering inspirations from Pinterest, creating checklists, conceptualize the vision of your dream wedding, feeling the joy of putting all these details together because you can’t wait for the day to come! You meet up with different vendors and share your ideas with them, enjoying the great anticipation of executing every small goal you carefully put in your spreadsheet. It is at this stage where you say “I can do this!”.

4. Decision Fatigue

What song should we choose for our same-day-edit video? Which veil should I choose to go with my gown? Wait, I haven’t decided on my gown yet. Wait what?!

This is probably one of the craziest feeling among all stages, where you have so much to decide, but have absolutely no clues. The daily conversation between you and your partner probably went something like this:

Bride: “Should I change my gown before the speech or after the speech. If I do it before the speech, I can give abit more of airtime to the gown. If I change it after the speech, we can probably do a second-march in too. Hmm…you know what, forget about it, I’m done for today, making decisions that I know will be changing again tomorrow.”

Groom: “But do we have enough time in the program for you to change into another gown?”

Bride: “We have to redo the program, cancel a few of the speeches and probably bring the cocktail earlier. The dinner can start earlier too which means I have to change the time on the invitation card. Oh my God, oh-my-God!”

Our advice? When you’re suffering from a decision fatigue, put the decision aside and go out on a date with your partner. Or simply do something that put in you a better mood so that you can decide more wisely.

5. Frustration