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Kyoto Pre-Wedding | Celebrating Jacqueline & KC

There is just something about Kyoto that fascinates us. It is known to be one of the most beautiful cities in Japan due to its unique mix of ancient and modern. The well-preserved heritage buildings like temples, shrines and ruins creates a drastic contrast in a modern Japanese culture, offering us endless canvas to capture its beauty.

To gel with this special feature of Kyoto, our team decided to design a concept shot that is infused with both ancient and modern touches. For the ancient part, Jacqueline and KC dressed in traditional Japanese attire and casually strolled around the city as we document their precious moments. On the modern bit, we chose the bamboo forest as the natural backdrop as the lovebirds pose in their suit and tie, and a lovely white gown.

We are truly blessed to be gifted with such a beautiful city for pre-wedding shots. To Kyoto we say, Arigato!

kyoto japan prewedding
kyoto prewedding
kyoto japan prewedding
kyoto japan prewedding


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