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3 Must Have in a Perfect Bridal Package

Alright our fellow brides-to-be, we hear your cry: planning a wedding is stressful (we know!). The hectic and effort behind every dream wedding from planning to execution require meticulous and careful attention down to the smallest details. While some brides decide to go ‘ala-carte’ – i.e. getting every vendor from separate companies – other brides who have busier schedule would prefer a bridal package that takes care of the major components in a wedding. So, choosing the right bridal package with the right components for your good self the key to a stress-free wedding planning. Fear not, we’re here to guide you, read on for the components in bridal package that you MUST have before signing the deal:


Girls, you can’t possibly be a bride without a bridal gown. This is the MOST IMPORTANT component you must have in your bridal package. Look for a professional bridal house that provides extensive range of gown rental for your wedding photoshoots and the wedding day itself. Be bold to have a chat with the gown consultants, who have the experience to understand your requirement, and fashion-sensitive eyes to recommend you the right gown. Also, don’t be shy to try the gown personally to get your perfect fit for alteration. A bridal house that allows complimentary gown-trying service would be the most ideal for you (as we all know how fickle-minded brides can be…) so feel free to set an appointment with us for our one hour complimentary ‘Try Our Dress’ service if you feel the need to.

Make up

Dressing beautifully itself is not enough because as a bride, you have to look and feel good. So, make sure the bridal package comes with makeup and hairstyling services to complement the gown you have spent hours hesitating before making the final call. An experience makeup artist is one who is well trained and understands his/her role to enhance your unique beauty, instead of caking you an over dramatic look or making you unrecognizable. If you’re not familiar with make up or the bridal look you’re after, again, as we have suggested earlier – a good chat harms nobody. Communicate with the artist to find a common understanding and you’re in good hands.

Photography and Cinematography

Wedding lasts only a day but the moments can be preserved forever in photos and videos. Thanks to technology, we can now freeze important moments in frames. So, when you’re searching for your perfect bridal package, make sure photography and cinematography services are included, which should comprise of pre-wedding and actual day shoots. With this, you can save the hassles of hiring another photography and cinematography team for two different dates. It would also be easier to work with the talent team who have helped capturing your pre-wedding moments as they have the basic understanding of your requirements beforehand.

So, here you go. These are the three major components you shouldn’t miss when looking for your bridal package. There are also other elements to consider like quality of service, which is why we strongly suggest you to visit the bridal house to personally feel the chemistry with the vendors you’ll be working with. If you’d like to find out more about Armadale’s bridal package, feel free to send us a message at to schedule an appointment. We’ll be pleased to see you!

All the best in planning for your BIG day!


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