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Pre-Wedding in Eastern & Oriental Hotel, Penang | Celebrating Andrea & Han

​Simple, but not simply.

The E&O Hotel in Penang is known for its vibrant mix of eastern and western architectural influence. It carries within itself a personality that is interesting and exclusive. This is why our idea for Andrea and Han’s portrait in this series is all about going back to the basics. We present the purest pre-wedding style without overpowering the uniqueness of E&O Hotel, instead, works the opposite way where the couple gels in with the scene.

Adorned in a fine piece from one of our gown collections, Andrea nailed this off-shoulder with lace that goes perfectly well with the theme. It is ‘the look’ of today’s wedding era but still brings a sense of classy, elegant touch. Strolling along the hotel, we make use of the indoor lighting as well as incorporating some natural sunlight to capture a rather simple, comfortable and soothing pre-wedding series for the couple.

Venue : Eastern and Oriental Hotel, Penang

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E&O wedding photos
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