Seoul, Korea Pre-wedding | Tracy & Terence

Let a twist of contemporary blend in with the good old traditions.

Seoul is undoubtedly one of the most vibrant city well-known for its modern architectural skyscrapers and unspoiled ancient buildings. This mixture of old and new is the very concept behind Tracy and Terence’s pre-wedding photoshoot to embrace the beauty of both elements.

Set in the autumn season, we stroll along the street in Seoul to capture the colour of falls. Brown, yellow and a surprising pink on the Sakura trees is truly an interesting sight that makes this series a special one. A sharp blue too, joins the photograph as Tracy dressed in a sparkling blue gown to pose in front of the signature tall trees at Nami Island.

Infusing the rich culture of Korea, the lovebirds visited the iconic Gyeongbokgung Palace and have their moments captured in traditional hanbok attire. To have photographs taken at this royal ancient building, its name translated as “palace greatly blessed by Heaven” is truly a spectacular and blessed experience.

seoul, korea prewedding
seoul, korea prewedding