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Wedding In Anantara Villas, Phuket | Kate & Jordan

Declaring love in a romantic wedding ceremony, decorated in beautiful florals at a private garden, surrounded by blue skies and island landscape. As Kate and Jordan said, “I do” to one another at the stunning Anantara Mai Khao Phuket Villas, notes of delight are sung happily in the tropical air.

A wedding in Anantara will definitely be treasured forever as all eyes witnessed the lovebirds exchange their vows at the garden. The couple, now the newly announced husband and wife walk down the aisle hand in hand as they too, stepping footprints on a new journey in life waiting ahead of them.

As the sun sets with a blaze of colour, the ceremony is transformed into a cosy dinner reception filled with heart-warming speeches from those who have been a part of their love story. Just like the good old saying of “happiness is multiplied when shared”, the celebration of love between Kate and Jordan has been a night of overloading joy.

Check out the wedding videos here :

Phuket destination beach wedding
Phuket destination wedding
Phuket garden wedding
Phuket destination wedding
Phuket destination wedding


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