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Wedding in St. Francis Xavier Church - Celebrating Kenneth & Sonia

What is unfun about Kenneth and Sonia’s wedding? Nothing!

We are exhilarated by their energy, passion, and enthusiasm in making this wedding a celebration of their lifetime. Unlike other church wedding videos, we decided to go with a cheerier song to complement their very fun personality. The lyrics perfectly spell out the ambience and spirit of their wedding: “We like our fun and we never fight/ You can't dance and stay uptight/ It's a supernatural delight/ Everybody was dancin’ in the moonlight” – watch it for your judgement!

This very merry celebration took place at St. Francis Xavier church in Petaling Jaya. Very often, churches proclaim a solemn and formal atmosphere. This time however, we are energised by the church’s dynamic environment that draws our participation, making us want to be a part of this big family. Or so we chose to believe, we may have been infected by the liveliness of this couple, their family and friends who are nothing short of fun, joyful, and pleasant to be around with.


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