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Wedding in Cape Sienna, Phuket | Steven & Joey

Sawadee-Ka !

Having to be a enthusiastic foodie and adventurous person, both Keat and Joey, founder of KGB - Killer Gourmet Burgers felt a deep interest in Thai's culture – be it the yummylicious food or beautiful beaches. We were more than excited as we arrived at Cape Sienna Phuket: Kamala Bay,Phuket, for such lovely wedding in front of an endless sea view at Kamala Bay.

Apart from the awe-inspiring scenic beauty, what often touched us in a destination wedding is the closeness between couple and their guests. Irrespective of geographical borders, everyone has travelled from far to witness this perfect bond of unity.

In Keat’s speech, he made a promise to travel the world with Joey to search for good food. What else can we say more? People who love to eat are always the best people!

Wishing the both of you, an amazing journey in your new road of life as husband and wife!

Chief Cinematographer : Foong Chief Photographer : Covan Loh Make Up Artist : Jamie Gowns : Armadale Gowns

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